Stock and Life Style Photographer

My name is Mert Can Doğan, I was born in 1984 in Ankara. I am currently living in London. Actually, I am a Biologist graduated from Muğla University, but my profession has always been photography since I started my professional life.

With photography, I met the Yashica brand machine that was taken for my sister's photography lesson in 1995, who was studying Public Relations and Advertising. At that time I was digging into his machine, trying to understand the structure that was still complex for me. In my last year of college, I started taking pictures with the SLR camera that a close friend of mine gave away. I was using a film camera at a time when DSLR machines were used. But this situation actually taught me to scrutinize and weave, to press the shutter at the best time to get good results from a 36-exposure reel of film. This increased the quality of my photo frames. Of course, the color temperature, photographic texture of the film, and the impatiently awaited time for the reel to finish make the film indispensable, making it a separate passion. That's why, besides digital, I still take film photography.

I haven't had the opportunity to participate in any exhibition or competition until today. Coincidentally, I won an award by being among the “Top Ten Stories” in the contest held within the framework of the Windows 10 launch, which I participated without knowing that it was a contest.

I like taking portrait and life style photos. I have been taking stock photographs for six years. I work with Getty Images as an exclusive photographer.

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